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    The Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities Newsletter

            The Open Ways newsletter is published 8 times a year. It is filled with articles, stories, photographs, and poetry written by community members, as well as a Pagan Community Directory, Pagan owned or friendly Bussiness Directory and ongoing and current events.

Summer Solstice 2016 issue is now online!!

To view online using an online viewer click on the link below.

Online Viewer


Articles, letters, poetry, artwork, etc. are solicited from the community. We reserve the right to edit for length and content.  Type-written,  handwritten, or word processed submissions are welcome.  Electronic submissions via e-mail are preferred.

Send submissions to: (do not send the original or only copy)

Open Ways Editor
PO Box 33182, Portland, Or 97292

or email to:



Submission deadlines are 4 weeks before the Sabbats and publication dates are 2 weeks before the Sabbats.

Please do not send the only copy of your work! Submissions unaccompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope will not be returned. All submissions will be accepted at our discretion.

                                          Guidelines for All Contributors

We welcome articles up to 3,000 words of a scholarly, historical, news/event, or how-to nature; letters; music; poetry; rituals for group or solo-practitioners; personal experiences; interviews; artwork; ect.

We honor plurality and diversity. We wish to address issues of interest to Pagans, Wiccan’s, Polytheists, Buddhists, or Nature Spiritualists. Where appropriate, please include bibliographic references, sidebars, legal credits, and/or graphics.

Manuscripts will be accepted in any readable form, however we prefer articles via email if possible at editor@ninehouses.org openwayseditor@gmail.com.

Manuscripts and letters selected for publication may be edited for clarity, brevity, accuracy, or editorial consistency. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your work returned. Never send your only copy!

The editor reserves the right to accept / reject / edit any manuscript or work of art submitted for publication.

Payment must accompany all advertisements. Deadlines apply. E-mailed ads and their payments must be received by the deadlines.

Copyright and Permissions

All rights remain the property of the author or artist. Inquiries for reprint information/permission are forwarded to appropriate parties.

Contributing Columnists

Column writing offers a lot of flexibility as well as a wide-ranging variety of topics on which to expound. Contributions may be:

Regular (or less than regular) features with the same by-line, title, and/or premise.

Of a subject matter that is by nature practical (how-to), historical, literary, ethical, philosophical, educational, social, moral, political, inspirational, magical, or otherwise of interest to you / the community.

In a style appropriate for the subject matter, the author’s personal taste, and the editors guidelines of this publication.

Submit a proposal stating the intention of the column and frequency. Include the first two or three installments and logo art / author blurbs.

Book reviews

We welcome and encourage your written book reviews. These do not need to be scholarly critiques of the material by someone with a lifetime of experience with the subject matter; often the best, most useful reviews are written by those with whom the readership can identify. The book you are reviewing does not need to be a new release. Readers are interested in your reaction to the book: did you enjoy it? Did it provoke any new ideas or changes for you? Was it useful?


Open Ways encourages submissions of all kinds of artwork: Larger pieces for the cover, smaller works for illustration, and even smaller ones to accent and fill in.


We regularly run poetry in each issue, and plan to continue this as long as we have the poems to do so. Poems should be of reasonable length and on Pagan/Wiccan/Nature etc. topics. 

Open Ways needs to know your stories of events, speakers, books and public Festivals in your area to share with our readers. Or maybe you went for a walk in the woods and had an interesting experience. These are stories you would share around the circle. Open Ways is our community circle. 

Rates and Sizes (WxH) 

For one issue of Open Ways.                                                                          

$15.00 for business card size(3.5"x2")

$30.00 for quarter-page(3.5"x4")

$60 for half page (7"x4.5")   

$120.00 for full page (7"x9")

Discount for one-year, pre-paid ads.

$10.00 for one-year Business name and phone number or Business name and website.

All advertisements are also on our website.

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