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                         Pagan Community Directory   

Updated 7/13/2012

Listing various kinds of resources for the Pagan Community, including circles (both open and closed), church groups, meeting places, study groups, and event organizers. Please, no retail outlets. A listing here does not necessarily mean a specific group can or will help you. To be included in this directory, please send information (limit 50 words which includes name and contact information) to Open Ways, PO Box 6283 Vancouver, WA 98668; or email to: mailto:editor@ninehouses.org

Nine Houses of Gaia (9HOG’S)                                                                                                                                               A non-profit organization incorporated to facilitate networking among pagans in the Pacific Northwest. Sponsors of Open Ways Newsletter, as well as Northwest Fall Equinox Festival. The NWFEF celebrates the great harvest, begun at Lammus and ending at Samhain. Contact info for Open Ways mailto:editor@ninehouses.org

ADF Druids of Portland                                                                                                                 Our study group meets on the last Friday of every month and up to 8 times a year for Public Ritual. Affiliated with ADF (Arn Draoicht Fein), adf.org. We are in pursuit of authentic scholarship and modern practices. See our website at http://www.druids.harleysperch.com.

Announcement Board & Community Directory "The Web"
"Because folks don't have time to check every website or subject line for current events. Come see what your missing." Post: Rituals, classes, workshops ….. http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/The-Web .

The altar of Epona and Herne Healing Ministry ATC                                                                Our vision is to create a well trained, compassionate Priesthood to serve the Pagan Community. We have an online community, monthly distance healing and prayer request list, and provide free healing to vets and their families. For more info altar-epona-herne@yahoo.com.

The Ancient and Honorable Order of the Sacred Oaks                                                                                                                                                     A Druidic order in the Arthurian/Celtic tradition, chartering groves meeting established criteria and dedicated to authentic Druidic principles and traditions. For those who aspire to the excellence of Druidry, Inc. in OR and 501(c)3. 503-235-5774 or visit our website: http://www.sacred-oak-grove.org .

Aquarian Tabernacle Church                                                                                                 Serving the PNW since 1979. An interfaith church of Wicca and Earth Religions recognized and accredited worldwide. All welcome at Open Circles near Seattle at NM & FM. Info and schedule : 360-793-1945, classes : 425-821-7246, Pagan Youth Group: Spiral Scouts International.360-793-9427. http://www.spiralscouts.org .

Brotherhood of the Wooden Chalice                                                                                           We are a group of eclectic Wiccans housed in Oregon State Penitentiary. We gather once per moon for study, ritual, and mutual support. We have a priest but could use volunteers and donations. khabir.taylor@verizon.net

Cedar Mountain Coven                                                                                                                    We are an eclectic Celtic coven, with some Native American influences. We meet for Sabbaths, Esbats, laughter and support throughout the Portland/Vancouver area. Closed to new members Samhain to Beltane, we do keep a waiting list for anyone interested. cedarmountain@gmail.com .

Coven Caer Wy’east                                                                                                                         A traditional Gardnerian Coven, sponsors a non-oath bound, British Traditional Wiccan Outer Court for seekers of traditional training.. We prefer to work with seekers 30 years or older. New training cycles usually begin each spring. usually begin each spring. For more info contact Steward Creace 503-622-1381 or steward_creace@msn.com.

The Earth Gatherings                                                                                                                       An eclectic spiritual group with frequent get - togethers to discuss various spiritual paths. Sponsors of The Mother Earth Gathering and The Middle Earth Gathering (June and September), Earth Awareness Festivals, honoring diversity and creating balance between wilderness and civilization. Contact info: 503-503-1415 bladu@hotmail.com  or http://www.earthgatherings.org

The Hermetic Fellowship                                                                                                      Exploring Western Esoteric Tradition: Ancient Mysteries, Wicca/NeoPaganism, Qubalah, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Theurgy and Grail Quest. Meets monthly, 3rd Thursday. Informal presentations, open discussion, rituals and workshops occasionally. 1st semester of 2009, special focus on Hermeticism. For more info call 503-255-7910.

Ile LaiLai NEW                                                                                                                                    A contemplative ifa-centered spiritual community offering spiritual consultations, divination, and Orisa and Ifa initiations to sincere seekers in the Pacific Northwest. http://www.ilelailai.org or 206-761-3565 or iya@ileailai.org.

Indigo Lights Circle online teen group                                                                                                                                                   A place for uniquely gifted teens to celebrate and explore the gifts the :Lord and Lady granted us with. Site address: http://www.geocities.com/jinksjustjinks/

M.A.G.I.C                                                                                                                                   Mystic Arts Gathering and Information Circle A Vancouver/Portland based group that holds four gatherings a year, teaches classes in metaphysics, and provides ordaining of clergy, and sponsors the Spiral Rhythms Festival. Call 360-693-7349 for more information.
 or http://www.spiralrhythms.org/magic .

North American Council of Witches                                                                                                                                                 A non-profit organization. Primary goal is protection under the First Amendment of the US Constitution; secondary, lobby--ing for common power, strength in numbers. Request membership and general information at  mailto:NACW@hotmail.com or call 503-228-2192.

Officers of Avalon, Inc                                                                                                                                                        A non-profit benevolent organization, representing Wiccans and other Pagans who work as police officers, and other professionals in the emergency services. Membership dues $25/yr for full members $15/yr for associate members. Newsletter The Dispatch. Registration forms available http://www.officersofavalon.com  PO Box 22 Baraboo, WI 53913-0022.

Other Worlds of Wonder (OWOW)                                                                                              We have gathered around a central purpose, the purchase of land for the local Pagan community. We honor all positive traditions, and celebrate diversity at our festival, Sunfest. Contact info as follows:15825 SE Patsy Ave  Milwaukie, OR 97267. http://www.owow.org or email owoworg@hotmail.com.

Pacific NW Pagans Yahoo Group                                                                                                  An online community for Pagans in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia. When posting announcements for events in this group, please be sure they're in PNW. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pnwpagans

PACT                                                                                                                                                    A democratic, eclectic teaching/training coven in three parts: A semi-private outer circle - by invitation only, two inner-core circles for PACT initiated. Lessons, degrees, and clergy training by PACT university. For info and a waiting list: email  lordansurpact@yahoo.com

PDX Pagan Tribe                                                                                                                              This tribe is for heathens, pagans and free thinking individuals residing in or around Portland, OR, or other metro areas who want to communicate with other like minded folk. Please no political rants, there are other tribes for that. A person has to sign up with Tribe.net for free in order to join this tribe. The tribe is moderated in order to keep out hate mongers and spammers. Web address http://www.tribes.tribe.net/pdxpagans?current=tribetopics&set=y

Polyamory Circle                                                                                                                          A gathering for folks exploring options beyond monogamy. Discussions include open relationships, extended families, and intentional communities. Everyone interested is welcome to join us. For information and location Laury 503-285-4848.

Red Cedar Circle (Church of Si. Si. Wiss)
Northwest Coast Medicine Johnny Moses teachings to all. Portland/Vancouver area meetings. For information and location call 503-245-5660 or mailto:rlouis@hctc.com.

Red Cedar Grove                                                                                                                           The Vancouver grove is accepting new members. We are a Celtic group that enjoys fun, spirituality and fellowship as we move through the wheel of the year. We have many years of experience between our five founding members and meet twice a month for ritual and tutorial. Come and grow with us under the Spirit filled Red Cedar. For information contact Serena at mailto:serena@aberle.net or Macha at 360-936-3833 or connieco222@comcast.net.

Sacred Oak Grove                                                                                                                             A Druid Grove in the Arthurian/Celtic-Wiccan tradition. For those seeking a true Druidic path of knowledge, truth, justice, spiritual fellowship, and community service. Esbats, Sabbaths and tutorials. Members commit to both group and individual studies for spiritual growth. Now offering an outer circle. For information call 503-235-5774 or oakgrove@teleport.com.

The Saint James Project                                                                                                                                                A Shamanic Arm of the Red Witch Tradition. Includes Indigenous Shamanic training, pilgrimages and extensive herstory/history from the first century CE to the present. Prerequisite: Reiki 3 and 3 years magickal hands-on experience. Meets at Toad House in McMinnville Oregon.Contact info worldtree1@verizon.net.

Seattle Goddess Group                                                                                                                                                      A new site dedicated to worship of the Seattle based deity (As first seen in the "Summer of 2008 art book) "Let your love grow" is her prayer. http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/SeattleGoddess.

Shadowluz                                                                                                                                   Eclectic coven that emphasizes increasing the power of the individual through strength of our Gestalt, focusing on diversity in beliefs and the practice of Magick. Members range from Portland to Hood River and Mt. Hood. Please send letter of intent to HPS Belle Evergreen at mailto:belleevergreen@yahoo.com.

Silver Star Circle                                                                                                                                  A Celtic Pagan circle meeting for Sabbats, full and new moons, weekly class and more. Located in Battle Ground Additional. Info: email slvrstarcircle@yahoo.com.

SisterSpirit                                                                                                                                 Women's spirituality organization honoring the Divine Feminine and celebrating the Goddess in all Her forms. Featuring on-going classes, circles, workshops and one monthly ritual. Presenters of the annual PaganFaire. Contact information as follows: PO Box 9246 Portland, OR 97207. 503-736-3297 or sisterspirit.portland@gmail.com or http://www.teleport.com/sisterspirit

Sophia Sanctuary Women’s Temple                                                                                           We are a circle of women committed to healing, education ritual and service. (HERS) We celebrate the eight holy days of the wheel: Solstices and Equinoxes are for all genders and families; Cross quarters are for womyn only. For information: http://www.sophiasancuary.org .

The Sorcerers Guild                                                                                                                    Dedicated to the enhancement of Magickal work within its membership. Public meet-up at the Dancing Beans 1615 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR held monthly. Email mailto:thebinder7@yahoo.com for date and time. For more information: http://sorcerersguild.tribe.net, http://www.sorcererguild.com, or http://groups.myspace.com/sorceryguild.

 Peace Garden                                                                                                                            Peace Garden open from dawn to dusk for quiet prayer and meditation. 20’ lavender peace pole, erected in 2002, PEACE written in thirteen languages. Hard working garden volunteers always needed. Hard working garden volunteers always needed. Write for information. Location: McMinnville OR.. Contact info: Mark Dragonfly Freeman mailto:dragonfly5555@verizon.net.

(WICCA)                                                                                                                                               A women’s church dedicated to the Goddess in Her many forms. Groups, newsletter, retreats, rituals and classes. Contact info: PO Box 5296 Eugene OR 97405 http://www.http://www.wiccawomen.orhttp://www.http//www.wiccawomen.org 541-485-3654 Email: normahp@iglide.net.

Women of the Goddess                                                                                                               Women of the Goddess is a Pagan community in the Dianic tradition. Membership is open to women over 18 years old of good intent who sincerely subscribe to our purpose. Location Seattle, WA. Contacts: mailto:janicevc@seanet.com or 206-322-2436.

World Tree Prayer Network                                                                                                     Prayer and emergency energy work at no fee; serving the internet since1994. Post your own requests. Have permission of the energy recipient first; then, include full name, age, basic location including city, state and country along with basic problem. PRAY FOR PEACE! http://tribes.tribe.net/worldtreeprayernetwork

The Well of Diancecht                                                                                       Provides free sacred energy healing to veterans, active duty military and their families. We also list practitioners offering sliding scale services to service members, veterans and their families. Info at mailto:diancecht@yahoo.com or altarepona-hrne@yahoo.com

Witches of Westwick Paranormal Society NEW                                                                Centered in the beautiful foothills of the Columbia River Gorge. Specializing in Esoteric research and Theology. Dedicated to tribal rites of passage as well as the Major and Minor Pagan Holidays & Festivals. We love to explore the enchanted as well as the chilling. Contact Leanna at mailto:devasdelight@yahoo.com or 541-490-5718 .

The Spiral Scouts


Based on the principles of ecology, inclusivity, and balance of gender energies, Spiral Scouts philosophy is rooted in the  beliefs of Earth religions, including Wicca. Though not exclusively Wiccan, many scouts and their families are members of minority religions. Website : www.spiralscouts.org