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   Ongoing Community Events    

Updated 6/29/13

To have your event listed here, please make sure it fits these criteria:

It is within our geographical area, generally,  Oregon,  Washington,  Idaho, Western Montana, Northern California, Nevada, Southern BC and Alberta . To have your event listed here email mailto:editor@ninehouses.org.

Northwest Fall Equinox Festival: A celebration of the harvest. Sponsored by The Nine Houses of Gaia. Held in September.  For more information visit http://www.ninehouses.org.

Pagan Family Picnic: A potluck gathering  sponsored by The Nine Houses of Gaia. Held on the third Sunday in July from noon to 6 pm. For more information visit

 Turning of The Wheel: Turning of the wheel is a festival created to take an earth based approach to celebrating the changing of the seasons while empowering and sustaining our diverse and talented community of artists, healers, organizations, and local businesses. We have woven together sacred ritual with entertainment, joyous celebration, abundance, fun, laughter, and love to create a beautiful family friendly festival that we hope to make a seasonal tradition. Our vision: Weaving community, celebrating the earth, and sharing our gifts. www.turningofthewheel.net

Pagan Faire: Now in its 22nd year! It's always in March, on a weekend day close to Spring Equinox, and is an all-day merchant faire with entertainment and workshops followed by a Spring Equinox ritual.  Open to the whole community, sponsored by SisterSpirit.  For more information visit www.paganfaire.. org

Spring Mysteries Festival: A recreation of the Eleusinian Mysteries held in April and is presented by Aquarian Tabernacle Church. For more information visit http://www.aquiriantabernaclechurch.org.

Spiral Rhythms Festival: Magick and music for Mother Earth sponsored by M.A.G.I.C. Usually held in June. For information visit http://www.spiralrythms.org

The Mother Earth Gathering: A “green living” celebration – an earth awareness festival, held in June for information visit http://www.owow.org

Pagan Campout: A campout for Pagans! Held in June. For information visit http://www.pagan campout.com

Sunfest: A summer Solstice celebration sponsored by OWOW, held in June. For more information visit http://www.owow.org

Summerstar Pagan Gathering: A starwood celebration, held in July. For more information visit http://www.summerstar.org

Faerie Worlds Festival: A celebration of music, art and imagination inspired by the realm of Faerie. Held in July/August. For more information visit http://faerieworlds.com

Beloved: Open air sacred art and music festival. Held in August. For more information visit http://www.belovedfestival.com

The Middle Earth Gathering: A fall Equinox celebration, and earth awareness gathering, held in September. For more information visit http://www.earthgathering.org

Hekates Sickle: Walk the paths between the worlds and meet and Goddess and Gods learning the lessons of your ancestors and interacting with the divine. For more information visit http://www.aquiriantabernaclechurch.org

Full moon Ritual - Every full moon of the month at 6pm.

Come meet with your community and friends, bang some drums and hang out!  Free and fun! Held at Essential Elements Apothecary. http://hawthorneapothecary.com .


Movie night - Every 1st Saturday at 7pm

Featuring a movie or documentary which cultivates spiritual growth. Held at Crystal Temple 7525 Richmond Ave. Donations appreciated. For more info call 503-249-0303 or http://www.crystaltemple.org .


Non-denominational Sunday Service - Every Sunday from 11am-12pm 

Intergrate light into your being.  Come and receive blessings and an uplifting spiritual reading to empower and enlighten your soul. After the service has ended their is a guided meditation to bring prosperity into your life.  Services held at Crystal Temple 7525 Richmond Ave.  Donations greatly appreciated. For more information call 503-249-0303 or visit http://www.crystaltemple.org .

1st Sunday Share-apy - Each first Sunday of the month, 1-4pm

Activities include silent meditation, discussion of healing techniques, individual and group healing sessions and introduction to healing arts practitioners. Everyone is welcome, this is a wonderful opportunity for healing - receiving and giving, and for making new alliances. Held at Hands of Freedom healing, 8725 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97220. Donations appreciated.


Open Reiki and Healing Circle - 1st Tuesday of every month from 9-11am

Circle held at the Celtic Circle 3717 NW 25th St. Redmond, OR. For info call 541-504-4627 or email mailto:pepsi@bendcable.com .

Witches Meetup - Held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm

We have no set agenda or format. This is a social event for talking and having fun. Held at the Guiding Tree 4831 SE Division Street. For info http://www.pagan.meetup.com .

Green Tara Sadhana Meditation Practice - Every Tuesday at 7pm  

Green Tara manifests the female energy of transcendent wisdom and enlightened compassionate activity. Prostrations, mandala offerings and hand madras are taught with this practice. The practice of Green Tara helps to overcome fear and anxiety, as well as develop the qualities of love, compassion, wisdom, and protection on the path to enlightenment. Held at The Drukpa Mila Center 872 Belmont Street SE Salem ,OR 97301. For more info call 503-363-3560 or http://www.drukpamilacenter.com.


Witches Meetup - Held on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7pm   

We have no set agenda or format. This is a social event for talking and having fun.  We are a friendly, non-cliquish bunch who have been meeting for over five years. Held at The Irishtown Pub, 11600 NE Mill Plain Blvd. Vancouver, WA.

Monthly Pagan Meetup - Held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm 

We have no set agenda or format. This is a social event for talking and having fun.  Held at Old Town Pizza (between 2nd and 3rd on NW Davis) For more information go to http://www.paganmeetup.com .

Reiki Share Circle - Held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month  

Held at Spirit Feathers, 7704 SE 13th Portland, OR. For more information call 503-230-0249. All are welcome!

Tarot Night - Every 1st Wednesday of the month    

Bring your cards, practice readings, become more familiar with your cards and discuss Tarot with other readers. Held at Crystal Temple, 7275 N Richmond Portand, OR. For more information call 503-249-0303 or http://www.crystaltemple.org .

Reiki Circle - Every 2nd Wednesday of the month                                  

Come and receive healing and develop your skills in a sacred temple surrounded by light beings. Held at Crystal Temple, 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR. For more information call 503-249-0303 or http://www.crystaltemple.org .

Drum Circle - Every  3rd Wednesday at 7pm

Lets explore rhythms and escape reality within a sacred temple. A joyous monthly, multi-cultural experience. Using sacred phrases drawn from the world many religious traditions with live music and simple devotional movement. Bring an instrument if you have one, if  not we can share. Donations appreciated. Held at Crystal Temple 7525 N Richmond Portland, OR.  For more information call 503-249-0303 or http://www.crystaltemple.org

Chenrezig Sadhana Meditation - Held every Wednesday at 7pm        

The Buddha of compassion, known as Chenregzig, manifests as enlightened compassionate activity.  This meditation practice. By learning about the nature of compassion, and learning his mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum", we can acually become aware of increasing compassion in our own lives. Held at The Drukpa Mila Center, 872 Belmont Street SE Salem, OR 97301. For more information call 503-363-3560 or http://www.drukpamilacenter.com .


Morris Dancing - Every Thursday   

Join Renegade Rose Morris Dancers, a group of Portland men and women who perform ancient English folk dances on May Day and other community events. We'll teach you dances. For information call Lev at 971-570-3388 or http://www.renegaderose.net .