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It Takes a Village to Raise... a Village

Do you have knowledge and spiritual gifts to share with your community?

Volunteer to present a workshop at the Northwest Fall Equinox Festival 2015!
Please email a description of the workshop you wish to present to nwfef@ninehouses.org.  Be sure to include the length of the workshop and any preferred accommodations it might entail.

Do you have BIG MAGICK to share with your community?  

We are accepting proposals for NWFEF 2016 main ritual!  The purpose of NWFEF is to celebrate the harvest.  The main theme, ritual, and workshops differ from year to year depending on selection from proposals submitted by community members (you!).  Your ritual proposal must have a complete outline;  please contact nwfef@ninehouses.org to request "Tips and Tricks", a "rubric" to assist you in composing your proposal.  Ritual proposal submission may be emailed to nwfef@ninehouses.org or mailed to PO Box 33182, Portland, OR  97292.

Share the Magick!!!

The Tantric Temple at North West Fall Equinox festival is in need of more tapestries. Anyone who would like to donate tapestries appropriate for this venue please bring them to any Nine Houses of Gaia event. (Pagan Family Picnic or North West Fall Equinox Festival).