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Greetings Community,

Greetings everyone, it is I Angel (Blue Capucian) the Editor of Open Ways Gateway to the Pagan Communities newsletter and webtender of The Nine Houses of Gaia website.

Call to Contributors!!!

I have exciting plans for the newsletter and I need your help! Contributors are a vital part of each Open Ways publication; please consider sharing your wisdom and experiences pertaining to each Sabbat. I plan on expanding the publication to include regular “columns” on various topics….please consider being a regular contributor. Here are some ideas for columns that I’d like to include:

Rituals; Folktales/Lore; Astrology; Food; Art/Crafts; Book Reviews; Movement/Dance; Gardening/Herbs

Poetry/Short Stories; Perspectives: Youth, Single Life, Family Life, Elders

I plan to expand the Community Directory & Community Events; there’s so much going on in our community and I want Open Ways to be “The Source” for it all.

Call to Advertisers!!!

Consider advertising in Open Ways. Rates are very affordable and now that we are online, all ads are Full Color and can have live links to your website.

We are building a Pagan Business / Services Directory for the website and Open Ways newsletter. If you are a Pagan owned business or a Pagan friendly business or service provider Please contact openwayseditor@gmail.com for advertising information.

I am dedicated to fostering community and building a community newsletter that brings our communities together. I would love to hear from you about what you’d like to see in the newsletter, and/or how you’d like to contribute. Feel free to contact me at openwayseditor@gmail.com

Blessed Be,

Angel (Blue Capucian)